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Biodynamic Presence

“There’s nothing I want but Your Presence, in friendship, time dissolves” rumi .


Dear Friends, Clients, and Fellow Seekers,

Some remarkable experiences weave the fabric of our lives into a future that is unknown to the mind yet essential for the expansion of consciousness.

This experience I am about to tell is testament that presence can literally save your life!

Every year I spend a month immersed in the wildness of nature in the raw Mexican Jungle during the intensity of the Rainy Monsoon Season. Although it is uncomfortable in so many ways, bugs the size of helicopters that dive bomb your face, cockroaches falling from the ceiling to snuggle into your warm skin while sleeping somewhat safely in your bed, scorpions you almost step on because you are not wearing your glasses and your 20/20 vision has changed over the last few years, water raining from the ceiling inside the tropical dwelling because the moisture deteriorates the cement and leaks are inevitable, scorching heat with a humidity exceeding the high temperatures that keeps your skin wet even when you have showered for the 10th time and are wearing the lightest fabric known…just your skin…bare naked, sweat rolling down any area that touches each other, weight loss due to donating blood to the mosquitoes of all different sizes from invisible to the blood engorged persistent mosquito that eats till it burst when to give it a whack on your skin or on the mosquito net leaving a red blood stain…your own blood hopefully!

Yes I love it! Why? Because it challenges everything I know to be within my comfort zone and exposes me to the elements in ways that keep me Alert and Present every moment. And is this not the Practice! All forms of yoga, breath and meditation prepares us for the simple practice of Biodynamic Presence.

A friend and I were walking up to CAMINO al BUDA, the Yoga platform I build several years ago in the jungle. It was a new moon, my friend was going through a deeply emotional experience the last few days and we had done some Craniosacral sessions to assist her in her healing process. Before we began our pilgrimage up to the Buddha, we took a moment to honour this time by bringing a broom to sweep the white marble floor as a symbol of sweeping the mind, a candle as a symbol of the light within, water for nourishment of the soul, and a small blanket to sit on.

Now I have done this walk up to Camino al Buda a million times for the past 15 years, in the daylight, in the darkness with a candle, during a lightening storm and torrential downpour, or on a clear sunny early morning for meditation and yoga practice. Several students, during Restorative Teachers Training walked this path up to Buddha in silence as part of their Practice and preparation for quieting the mind.

We were walking side by side in natural silence, when I heard the sound of a branch breaking from its trunk. In a split second, which is all the time I was given, to signal my body to use all its resources to run uphill as fast as my legs would go, the thick branch fell from the sky and landed on the side of my calf and my Achilles tendon. The broom held me up and I slightly fell forward with my right hand to support me. The tree branch landed with several other branches it brought with it on its journey to the ground. My friend on my left side ran also upon hearing the sound at the same heroic speed. Looking at her smiling face in a state of pure astonishment, she said, “Salvamos la vida” We saved our lives!

Presence is what allowed me to run in this moment of life threatening danger, and utilize all the systems that my body needs to create the adrenaline for a sympathetic response of flight!

We were present, listening, being in the moment.

Not a second too late!

This saved our lives of potential immediate transition or crushing of the head, by a heavy tree branch falling a long distance from one of the tallest trees that thrives and grows naturally in this jungle terrain.

It was a split second that could have changed my reality forever.

Gratitude followed this moment of pure presence.

Gratitude for my exquisite life here on this planet NOW!

I heard the words, “ The universe is my ally”.

When I shared the story with my daughter, she said, “ If you were to die in that moment was your day a day that you wanted to remember as doing all the things you love” This has always been her question since she was a child and people died. She always wanted to know that they're last day was amazing.

I thought about what I did that day. I rose at 6am and made my daughter breakfast, before school, wished her a great day in her new university, made coffee, meditated, facilitated a Private Restorative Biodynamic Session for a woman who is restoring the use of her legs, cared for our new rescue kitten, and resident wood turtle, swam in our pond, contemplated and prepared for our pilgrimage up to Camino al Buda, a walk in the natural world.

“Yes”! I said,” It was a perfect day. I did all the things I love to do!”

She said, “Well, that’s good then!”

For my friend the learning was different. She discovered later that the moment the branch fell, her younger sister was in hospital and had a near death experience. She had a hemorrhage from a spontaneous abortion. For her the message was that the branch falling was her father, who had already passed on, saying “Save your life” to both her and her sister.

Although we shared a similar experience the evolution and growth is very personal to our story. We continued our walk up to the Buddha and lit a candle in gratitude for our life and the lives of those we love.

Fortunately, I am still here and so I will continue to offer Biodynamic Craniosaral Therapy, the Transformative Treatment Plan and expand into the Private Healing Intensives in Vancouver and Mexico, both locations close to my heart, the wild Pacific Sea.

To “Walk your Path towards Health” with personal guidance, and a gentle hand,


Isabella Scandolari RCST BCST

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy assists you to deepen your relationship to stillness, where one’s mind is neither coming nor going. One’s mind enters a state of balance and relaxation. In this state of rest, the deeper issues related to the discomfort come to the forefront, to be addressed, released and transformed.

. The Dalian Method TM uses Breath, Verbalization and personal guidance to facilitate a deepening understanding of the root cause of your dis-ease and discomfort, in order to create a permanent healing and lasting health in the whole body.

Transformative Treatment Plan for Optimal Health

1 Biodynamic Craniosacral Session for Deepening Stillness

1 Self-Healing Dalian Method Session

1 Biodynamic Craniosacral Session for Integration


For more information

778. 861. 9224

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