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I moved in and out, up and down, among various 'modes' of sensation, and of breath. Sometimes I would barely, gently breathe, but it would rapidly and easily fill up enormous space, ancient valleys and mountains. Other times the force was in the exhale, and the inhale was only to create the possibility of what felt like a long series of deep, windy, beautiful sighs. Another 'mode' involved extraordinary delicacy and subtlety. My breathing would slow nearly to a stop during some of these periods, and tiny fluctuations seemed to ripple and cascade upward from subterranean quantum somethings. Tiny twitches would bubble up in this way. I could sense it almost as sound, like tiny delicate musical notes from wee water drops.

Palpable, physical emotions came with everything. Joy like campfire heat on the face. Sorrow like a blue trickle through a concrete wall (this in the throat). I felt the soft energies in my chest condense into a rainbow white point of light, vibrantly. I felt immensely, overwhelmingly grateful to you during this and I couldn't really express it but I could have cried it was such a lovely experience. In a sense I was, though my outward expressions would have been tiny. There were also shades that received some light. Some of the convulsive releases seemed to occur at times of particularly vulnerable feeling. Especially when you cradled my face. Hard to describe the feeling. Here I felt safe enough, held enough to soften into some old petrified forest, just enough that my senses could reach there. It occurs to me that I am experiencing a remarkably tender, caring touch and it deeply moves me. I suppose that is a good definition for what BCST is! You are really perfect for this work!

There is something about this kind of contact with another person, 2 prisms refracting together, calmly, gently, over time, through clear glass - it opens up deep doors.

Phenomenal. TS

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