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Private Healing Intensive

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Natural Medicine for Healing

Personally Design your Half Day/ 1 Day Healing Intensive.

Self regulate your Central Nervous System

Connect to the Stillness that lies within your Body

Change the Hormones of Stress that cause Pain

Strengthen the Immune System

Express greater health in the Body, Mind and Energy System

Understand how your body creates proper proteins to facilitate Healing.

Learn how to shift your emotions because how you think is how you feel and how you think and how you feel creates a new life!

Change unconscious automatic patterns through a simple and profound practice

Learn new information to create a new level of awareness, Awareness create a change in consciousness.

Consciousness shifts energy to create an new environment in the physical body that results in reversing the symptoms of Health Conditions such as:


Chronic Back Pain

Digestive Issues (IBS, Crones)

Auto Immune Disorders (Fibromyalgia, RA, Arthritis)


Fear, Resentment,

Anxiety, Depression

We know that the Automomic Nervous System creates Balance and Homeostasis. Therefore we designed this Personal Healing Intensive to include simple practices of Guided Meditation, Breath Practice, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Restorative Yoga.

The highlight of this Healing Intensive is the knowledge that you gain from understanding how the brain/mind/ heart is involved in your creation of your present reality which is responsible for your Health and State of Balance.

Once you are informed, you can not undo the knowledge that has become experience through practice and understanding. You cannot undo what you come to know with every cell of your body! You can only deepen the awareness that you have gained through your commitment to do everything it takes to continue to change, evolve and grow.

Be inspired to know yourself from a deeper lever of perspective and discover the gem that lies within your deeper mind, body and soul.

Heal your pain into awareness and free up the energy available to you for creation, happiness and inner peace.

Become the master of your life!

Personally Design your 1Half Day/ 1 Day Healing Intensive.

For Information or to Book your Transformative Treatment Plan and Private Healing Intensive in Vancouver or Mexico,

Call 777 861. 9224 Canada/ 52 322 172 6176 Mexico

Isabella Scandolari RCST BCST

"You can only touch the sky with your heart" rumi

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