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See The Beauty in All

This early morning while preparing coffee, the view from my kitchen window, just beyond the white sheer curtains, or rather veil, is this man taking car of his car by putting plastic where a window once was to keep the tropical rain from drenching his car seat. I poured myself a cup of coffee, hot frothy milk and honey and moved towards the back garden a few steps away, through the French/ Mexican patio doors. The tropical rain watered the garden, cleaned the terra cotta tiles and filled the small refreshing pond.

Sipping this delicious drink I felt a sense of gratitude that I noticed this beautiful contrast in life, the contrast in each moment that we breathe in and breath out. There will always be things we don t like, things we like more, things we want to see and things we would rather not experience...but the beauty lies in the deeper understanding that all plays a part in the awakening of conscious awareness.

The choice to live in a third world country pushes the safe boundaries of familiarity and moves us out of our comfort zone into the great unknown.

Whether it creates happiness or sadness, we are moved towards compassion for ourselves and our resiliency and capacity to look deep into another' s eyes and say,

" I am here for you with my presence. I offer you my present awareness so that you can rest for a moment, knowing you are held and supported by life itself!"

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy offers tender support so you can rest and restore.

To “Walk your Path towards Health” with personal guidance, and a gentle hand,


withIsabella Scandolari RCST BCST

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy assists you to deepen your relationship to stillness, where one’s mind is neither coming nor going. One’s mind enters a state of balance and relaxation. In this state of rest, the deeper issues related to the discomfort come to the forefront, to be addressed, released and transformed..

The Dalian Method TM uses Breath, Verbalization and personal guidance to facilitate a deepening understanding of the root cause of your dis-ease and discomfort, in order to create a permanent healing and lasting health in the whole body.

Transformative Treatment Plan for Optimal Health

1 Biodynamic Craniosacral Session for Deepening Stillness

1 Self-Healing Dalian Method Session

1 Biodynamic Craniosacral Session for Integration


For more information

778. 861. 9224

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